Do people change ?

August 29, 2008

A friend of mine reminded me that people do not change, but their priority do. She is spot on.

I was in Singapore recently. Me, being a gadget freak, went to Far East Plaza to buy the latest handphone from Samsung. Hold and behold, the shop there is also selling unlock iPhone 3G. Selling price SGD1,500. It was soooo tempting..!!! The Omnia was selling at SGD1,000. Then it struck me. SGD500 can buy me a Maclaren baby stroller, or easily a baby cot. Well, we know who won…

Still, the Omnia is an excellent buy.


First class mentality

June 21, 2008

People queuing at KL Sentral for the LRT

On Thursday, because of the heavy rain, I decided to leave my car at the office and instead choose to take the LRT (Light Rail Transit). At the KL Sentral station I am gobsmack ! I cant believe what i saw. People queuing to get into the train. This is impossible ! I pinched myself to check maybe I am dreaming myself in Singapore. No pain. This is real stuff. It is true, Malaysian can change. We have shown that we can have a first class mentality. Now we only need to see whether the Malaysian government can give us a first class public transport system. We are ready you know 🙂

Oral Me

May 27, 2008


Initially I thought this was a joke. Apparently this is a real product. The company that produce this toothpaste saw nothing wrong with the name as it was connected to oral care. I hope I can find one at my local pharmacist.

This news was reported in the local newspaper. The web version can be found here.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

May 24, 2008

I love the Indiana Jones movies. I was really looking forward for his latest adventure. One would expect Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would be a great movie if not good. It is a Spielberg-Lucas film 19 years in the making. Yet this movie seems like it was a rush job.

Alas, I was dissappointed.. I could not accept how Indiana can survive an atomic blast. I am too amazed on how quick Mutt could learn to swing through the vines better than the Amazon monkeys. Though I am glad to know people can survive falling through massive waterfalls 3 times in a row, I am still not happy why the aliens want to leave us to go to the ‘spaces between space’. Too much CGI that my eyes want to bleed. What a crap movie and a sad end to the Indiana Jones series.

May you rest in peace Dr. Jones….

System Down !

May 23, 2008

I went to Public Bank headquarter in KL today to renew my car road tax. After being sent for a merry-go-round, I was finally at a point to pay for the road tax at the service counter. At the point of reaching the counter, I was greeted by the staff saying “System down la encik.. ” (The system is down sir). So everybody behind the counter was chit chatting among themselves waiting for their lunch break. Then it struck me. Have we gone so ahead in time with our reliance in technology that we don’t know how to do things manually ? With banks, I would assume there would be like a backup plan i.e business continuity & contingency plans (BCCP) in the case of such things happen. I would expect some of the things can be done manually and later when the system is up and running, they can start to input the data in the computer. It was not the case with Public Bank.

Then something funny happens. One of the Public Bank staff at the counter shouted to a group of customers saying that the system will be down for another hour and then asked them to go to the bank next door (Al Rajhi Bank) to do their transactions. I think this is the best BCCP ever. If we can’t do business with you, we will ask you to go and do business with our competitor. This, for me, is customer service at its best.

2008 Broadband Service Provider of the Year – Telekom Malaysia Berhad

May 18, 2008

Oh my god !


This is preposterous ! It is like adding salt to the wound.

2008 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Telecoms Awards for 2008 Broadband Service Provider of the Year was given to Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

Unfortunately this is true.  Telekom Malaysia is another government-linked company that holds a near monopoly for Internet service in Malaysia. So I think by default, because there are not other worthy competitors, the awards had to be given to them.

More information :

Official link to Telekom Malaysia ISP here.

Unofficial link about TM Net here.

Grouses about TM Net here, here, here and finally here.

Evolution Triumph Over Education

May 18, 2008

It is common to see motorcyclist in Malaysia passing through a red traffic light. It is also a common sight to see these motorcyclists not wearing their helmet properly. It is therefore not a surprise that the trophy for the highest accident rate in Malaysia goes to these motorcyclists and its passengers. The government is well aware of this sickening trend. From the early days, a lot of campaign and education advertisement was launched with the aim to educate these people. Unfortunately, the trend of rising death toll seems to continue. A lot of people are worried and sad to see the number of deaths kept rising. I say do not despair. All these are meant to be. It is nature’s way of reducing the morons and the stupid. Let the traffic strike them out one by one. As a species, this is a way to ensure that only the fit and strong (and those who can learn) survives.

Anybody disagree ?